Just Call them Communists

One of the most powerful tools the left has in its war against the Alt Right is the constant screeching of “NAZI!!!” or “FASCIST!!!” every time they clash with us. Obviously the Alt Right has already determined that saying “I’m not a Nazi!” in response to such attacks does not work, in fact only empowering and encouraging opponents by showing that we’re afraid of that appellation. However despite the fact that it’s now ineffective against us, it remains a powerful weapon used by leftists in debate with us to keep normie bystanders on their side.

Conservatives have long fallen into the trap of using the same terms as leftists themselves, thereby empowering the left as the arbiters of good and bad. Whenever violent or censorious leftists attack the right, they are called “the real fascists”, this is a mistake, because it is admitting the left’s central contention is true; that the worst thing you can be called is “fascist”.

There is, I believe an effective response that we should consider employing as a part of our rhetorical arsenal, what I call “mislabelling”. The left has utilised mislabelling for many years in its application of the word “Nazi” to everyone to the right of Chairman Mao, and it has been an extraordinarily effective tool for suppressing dissent. We need to fight fire with fire, going on the offensive in a way that mirrors the dishonesty of the left; we need to start calling everyone on the left Communist, whether it’s an accurate descriptor of their position or not.

Obviously our natural inclination towards truth does not lend itself to this “mislabelling”, but it seems apparent that this is the only way that we will be able to effectively neutralize the mental “kill word” that Nazi has become. Once we start calling leftists Communists en masse, they are in the same lose lose situation we once were. Either leftists deny they’re Communists, which puts them on the defensive and forces them to argue over just how much their position has in common with Communism proper, or alternatively they admit they’re Communists, in which case we attack them over the fact that Communism murdered many times more people than fascism ever did.

Turning the rhetorical guns of the left back against them has already proven effective in several other instances, there’s no reason why it can’t be effective her too. For every refrain of “Bash the fash” we need to be screaming back “Dom the com” tent times louder. Every time someone someone discussing the Alt Right uses the word “Nazi” we call them a Communist, and we keep doing it until Nazi loses all power as a pejorative and they stop using it, or else they’re finally forced to reveal to normies what they really are.

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