President Trump Holds Press Conference

Donald Trump has held a press conference, highlighting his rising approval ratings, the buoyant stock market, and return of industrial jobs over the first few weeks of his presidency.

The President also lambasted the coastal elites of New York and LA, and the media’s massive bias against him. He highlighted the entrenched power structures in American society and the way in which they are working to oppose his administration.

He went on to discuss his efforts to work towards building relationships with close allies such as the UK and Canada, and getting to grips with the various ongoing international conflicts, including dealing with ISIS and Iranian aggression. President Trump went on to discuss his plans to revitalize the US military while maintaining a non-aggressive international presence.

Discussing domestic policy, the President reiterated his commitment to keeping his campaign pledges, strengthening border security, repealing anti-business regulations and rebuilding infrastructure. He also focused on the need to provide law enforcement with the support and the organisation it needs to succeed.

The President went on to detail the efforts the administration is making to start deporting criminal illegal aliens, secure the border and stop the influx of illegals. He also announced the formation of a new and comprehensive order on immigration from high-risk areas of the world, while continuing legal action to enforce his original immigration order through the courts.

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