Insane Leftist Covers for Sweden’s Multicultural Decline

In a recent piece defending his “adopted homeland” of Sweden in the face of recent international focus on its ongoing collapse, British university professor Neil Shipley used these lines;

“to undermine the social experiment that Sweden stands for and attack the politics of liberalism and tolerance.”

His statement calls into stark relief the insanity of current Western liberal social policy. These people have taken the most fundamental unit for safeguarding the rule of law, culture, physical safety, crime prevention, defence and every other vital aspect of life in the modern world, the nation state, and they’ve used it to conduct an irreversible social experiment.

The Swedish people’s ancestors spent millennia living in horrifyingly harsh conditions, enduring and being shaped both culturally and genetically by the merciless northern climate and landscape. The Swedes spent thousands of generations of grinding poverty, disease, violence and death, and somehow they struggled out of it, building a civilization that developed over time into something bearable, and by the mid-20th century into one of the most advanced and prosperous societies on Earth.

The remarkable national inheritance of the Swedes, earned in blood and sweat by their ancestors, who intended it to be passed on to their descendants, has now been unilaterally seized by leftist ideologues in the space of a couple of generations, and put up as collateral for a bet that if won, leaves Swedes no better off, and if lost takes from them something that it took thousands of years to build. The Swedish left, along with the  rest of the world has decided to, as professor says, try an “experiment” by letting millions of low IQ third world immigrants into Sweden, in high enough numbers that the native Swedes will be reduced to an ethnic minority in the homeland their ancestors built, all in the space of a generation.

What’s the possible upside of the great Swedish experiment? That Somalis will be just about interchangeable with the Swedes that are already there? Leaving aside the fact that we know that isn’t true, even if it were that would not be a net gain, it would be utterly neutral. What’s the downside of such an experiment? Well there’s becoming an ethnic minority in your own country (apparently a minority is awful for non-whites, but we should believe that it will be different for white people), then there’s the possibility of being bred out of existence entirely, left as a page in the history books like the Goths or the Vandals, or there’s the possibility of actual physical extermination once ethnic Swedes become a powerless and hated minority (no one likes being reminded of the fact that they aren’t the rightful occupants of a land by the presence of said rightful occupants).

So if we know the upside of the great experiment is nothing, and the downside is potentially everything, what does that tell us about the mindset of the people pushing this on Sweden? (and shaming those who question it)

  1. They are possibly naive beyond belief. These people are willing to give up the most valuable thing they have in the world to strangers they know nothing about, to give those strangers ultimate power over it, and to place their own lives, and the lives of their descendants, entirely in such people’s hands.
  2. Perhaps that they take what they have for granted; no one who genuinely had to strive or struggle to build Sweden from nothing, who knew genuine hardship, could ever act so casually with regard to its preservation
  3. That if they are not naive or stupid, that they are actively evil, and they foresee exactly what the right foresees in Sweden’s future, but that they actually wish to see it come to pass.

Most importantly we can see that the people who’ve done this to Sweden, who’ve forced this “great experiment” of it and the rest of the Western world, have no right to determine our nation’s futures, whether motivated through idiocy or malevolence, they must be removed.

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