Far Left MP Caroline Lucas Attacks Right Wing as the Real Villainsin Aftermath of London Attack

Speaking on BBC’s Any Questions, far left MP for Brighton Caroline Lucas attacked the British right wing as being the real problem following the Islamist car and knife attack against the British Parliament.

Lucas echoed the sentiments of Brendan Cox that the deceased terrorist Khalid Masood was “about as representative of Islam as the killer of Jo Cox is of Yorkshire”, implying that, as per usual after such incidents, the attack was nothing to do with Islam. Her analogy was particularly moronic given that the Killer of Jo Cox never claimed to be acting on behalf of Yorkshire, that was simply an incidental part of his identity. Khalid Masood on the other hand, explicitly carried out the attack in the name of Islam. If Ms Lucas wasn’t so painfully stupid, she’d realise that a better analogy would be to say that Masood was about as representative of Islam as the killer of Jo Cox was of white nationalism – but of course Lucas would never make such an analogy. Whenever a white right-wing extremist commits an act of terror there is never a rush to claim that he was “nothing to do with white nationalism”, no liberals wailing that “99.9% of white nationalists are completely non-violent”, even though such are more true of white nationalists than they are of Muslims.

After Ms Lucas had spent the requisite 10 seconds admonishing the Islamic terrorist mass murderer, seh proceeded to go after the real bad guys, stating that the “ultra right wing are trying to make political capital out of it”. Again, this is an argument that we only ever hear when something that doesn’t help the left-wing narrative happens. Caroline Lucas and her left-wing comrades make “political capital” out of awful events every day. If a black man is killed by police the left will not admonish those who “try to make political capital” out of his death, in fact they’ll be the ones doing it. If a nuclear reactor melted down, Lucas would not stay silent on the grounds that it would be somehow wrong to “make political capital” from the event. The real problem the left has is of course not with “making political capital”, it’s with their political enemies doing it in ways that undercut the grand progressive narrative.

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