Invincible Iron Fist Defies SJW Critics to Become Most Binged Netflix Series

Netflix’s latest Marvel series, Iron Fist was released to a hail of negative critical reviews in the press, most of which have centred around the casting of a (shock!) white male as the titular hero. Reviews from the likes of The Verge, Digital Spy and The Guardian plus other outlets panned the show as offensive and objectively bad and actively willed it to fail. The show’s star was even hounded off of Twitter by the foot soldiers of far-left hysteria.

Writing in The Verge, Kwame Opam’s piece “Iron Fist isn’t just racially uncomfortable, it’s also a boring show” set the tone, immediately trying to suggest that the show was both politically unacceptable and entirely separately, awful. The desperation of reviewers to convince you that their political animus against Iron Fist’s white star was totally unconnected to their opinions of its objective quality shines through throughout their responses, Opam says;

As far as diversity, representation, and appropriation go, the series fails in a number of ways. But, over the course of its first six episodes, it also manages to fall short on basic levels like storytelling. Its creative laziness bankrupts the entire show.

the response works so hard to suggest that it’s politically incorrect and bad, and that therefore you shouldn’t watch it. Opam’s review spends almost its entire length making political points about how the story is “wrong” for not meeting his specific political requirements;

And then there’s half-Chinese, half-Japanese badass Colleen Wing (Game of Thrones’ Jessica Henwick), fellow martial-arts expert and Danny’s would-be partner in his fight against the Hand. Colleen is tough and intelligent, and Henwick gives her a grit that makes Colleen more watchable than her bland counterpart. But the series repeatedly undermines her in the name of establishing Danny as special.

Can’t ever have a man be better at something than a woman! The review finishes by showing that no matter how much white people kowtow to the far-left and worship before the altar of progressivism, it isn’t ever enough;

Recently, Finn Jones quit Twitter after getting into a heated debate about representation in general, and Iron Fist specifically. He returned yesterday to release a statement: “We have gone to great lengths to represent a diverse cast with an intelligent, socially progressive storyline.” In truth, whatever he, Scott Buck, and Marvel attempted in getting this series right doesn’t go far enough.

It seems increasingly apparent that for the sort of people who comprise the staff of today’s corporate media, white people disappearing entirely from the media is the only thing that will ever satisfy them.

Other reviews merely echoed the same few social justice talking points as Opam. Polygon said of the show “‘I’m not surprised that Iron Fist isn’t a comedy. I’m surprised that it’s so bad. And it is laughably bad.'”, The Independent said, with obvious reference to the fact that the protagonist is a white male “Previous Netflix-distributed Marvel shows Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have gone down well with critics, but Iron Fist appears to be lacking a unique edge.” Looking at the initial critical barrage, it’s hard not to notice two things; firstly, how utterly uniform the hysterical social justice reaction was from almost every reviewer, and second how coordinated the responses all seem to be, echoing the same exact points over and over and over again.

After all the depressing hysteria of Iron Fist’s critical reviews, here’s the fact that matters; Iron Fist has absolutely killed it with Netflix viewers. Killed. It. Per Variety;

The superhero drama’s March 17 premiere was the most binge-watched this year for a Netflix drama, according to data from research firm 7Park Data, which measures number of streams on subscription video services. The company found that 54.7% of “Iron Fist” streams on the premiere date were of episodes three or higher. The average hour-long show on Netflix has a binge score of 46.9%.

“Iron Fist” also accounted for 14.6% of all Netflix streams on March 17 — the highest percentage of any series premiere that 7Park measured, topping “Stranger Things” (4.0%), “Marvel’s Luke Cage” (12.8%), “Marvel’s Daredevil” Season 2 (13.8%), and “Orange is the New Black” Season 4.

The great irony is that the failure of all these hysterical reviews failed to hurt Iron Fist’s viewer reception reveals just how inconsequential the mainstream media has become. Variety’s review sneered ‘Good luck, bingers: Getting through two episodes was a challenge”, and now we find that Iron Fist is, per The Independent’s headline “Netflix’s most-binged drama”, The Independent continues;

The Marvel TV series debuted on 17 March and, according to data from research firm 7Park Data, the percentage of people watching episodes three or higher was above the binge score an average hour-long episode of television would usually receive.

So there we have it, SJW reviewers fail epically once more!

The real lesson to be drawn here is that we now live in a world in which mainstream media critics cannot be trusted to review honestly without putting their own, invariably left wing agenda first, conflating a show’s political import with the merits of its writing, acting and production. Hopefully this saga will just be yet another nail in the coffin of the msm machine, convincing the public yet again that these political zealots can’t be trusted. And hopefully the left wing media don’t manage to maintain control of the narrative; they had attempted to bully tv producers into not hiring white actors for fear of their shows being financial failures – they were proven wrong. TV producers should not now ignore the reality of Iron Fist’s success and adapt their casting practices as if they were right. Finally, white male actors also need to start realising that self-flagellating for people who hate them just for being white is not going to buy them any long term future; they need to start sticking up for themselves.

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