Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons alters website to aid in smear campaign against White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

In the wake of a White House press conference in which Trump press secretary Sean Spicer made an assertion that even Hitler had not stooped to using chemical weapons during World War 2, he has been widely criticised and attacked by the mainstream media as being either and idiot or a liar, and has been hounded by Democrats and their media allies for his resignation, with the likes of Slate already gleefully asking “Who Should Replace Sean Spicer as Press Secretary?”

The entire basis for these calls for Spicer’s is the assertion by the media, liberal Jewish groups and liberal politicians that what Spicer said was a lie. However The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, a group that counts among its members almost every country on Earth and which is the implementing body for the Chemical Weapons Convention, suggested the following on it own website at the time Spicer made his claim;

“Contrary to expectations, however, Chemical Weapons were never used in Europe in World War II.”

clearly backing up Spicer’s statement as historically accurate and not incorrect or “offensive” at all.

It appears however that the OPCW’s website was surreptitiously edited overnight to remove the clear corroborating statement for Spicer’s claims. The website now no longer features the line. Unfortunately for their attempts to cover up their own past statements, The Bastion has an archive of yesterday’s website that preserves the now removed text. The precise timing of the change, only hours after Spicer’s press conference statement, was clearly intended to remove any authoritative corroboration for Spicer’s statement, and avoid damaging the media narrative painting Spicer as a liar.

Such disgraceful behavior shows clearly that a supposedly impartial international organisation with claims to objectivity and honesty is willing to actively work to further the agenda the left-wing globalist forces trying to isolate and attack President Trump so that they can foment yet another Middle Eastern war. As Russian Minister mentioned during his press conference with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the OPCW will be part of the investigation into the Syrian chemical weapons incident that occurred several days ago, can we trust this body to tell the truth about what they find?

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