News Corp Owned Sky Pushing Anti-White Propaganda Series Guerilla

rSky, the News Corp owned Cable Network is about to premiere Guerrilla, a piece of propaganda drama which presents anti-white British terrorists as Guerrilla heroes, waging a campaign of revolutionary violence against a Britain that has committed the awful crime of being a white country in the 1970s.

Written by the John Ridley, the same man who brought us white guilt blockbuster 12 Years a Slave , Guerrilla stars a host of “POC” actors happy to lend their celebrity to a project designed to attack Britain’s past while guilting today’s British population into assenting to the modern left’s multicultural project even more meekly than they already do.

According to the Guardian, Guerrilla centres around;

“the story of a politically active couple who liberate a political prisoner and form a radical underground cell. Their target becomes the “black power desk”, a true life counterintelligence unit within the special branch.”.

Guerrilla evens mentions the apparently appalling fact that white Rhodesians and South Africans emigrated to Britain and some joined the police force (the liberal media seems to love immigration, unless its of white people it seems), and de facto assumes that these evil whites are all racists purely by virtue of their country of origin (again, liberals seem to think blanket stereotyping of the entire populace of a nation is wrong, unless they’re white nations).

Anne Mensah, Sky’s head of drama, has said of the project

“Rarely does a project pitch the personal and the political in such a flawless combination. Guerrilla presents characters you will fall in love with but also a world and a part of black British history that is rarely tackled in such a bold and compelling manner.”

It’s unclear exactly what sort of viewer would “fall in love” with far-left terrorism. Miss Mensah just happens to be black, but clearly that plays no role in her commissioning of programs showing black anti-white terrorists as heroes.

The show also introduces us to other “shocking” apsects of British policing from the past, such as the fact that they had a counter-terrorism desk devoted to dealing with black power movements. Of course the same media elites who expect viewers to be shocked by such facts have zero issues with the current British “conservative” government’s hysterical fears over the evils of the Alt Right and white nationalism, and massive focus of policing resources on those movements. Apparently using the authoritarian state to suppress dissent is only wrong when you do it to non-white ethnic movements.

This piece of distilled hypocrisy premieres on Sky Atlantic. In the meantime it would be interesting to hear from Sky why it is financing media designed to normalize and indeed lionize far-left anti-white political violence.

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