Mass Casualties inside Ariana Grande Concert at Manchester Arena

eReports are solidifying around a mass casualty incident at Manchester Arena tonight during the closing stages of an Ariana Grande concert. While details remain fuzzy, and the efforts of fake news media to deflect and dissemble are already starting, several things are already known.

As the concert was drawing to and end, there were either a single or multiple massive explosions heard, either due to those explosions or in the ensuing panic, it appears that at least twenty people have been killed.

The mainstream media responded intially by attempting to blame “exploding balloons” and “exploding speakers” or crush deaths, and outlets such as Sky News intially reported virtually nothing about what was happening, despite social media being fully of highly corroborated accounts of what had occurred. American news outlets have been less circumspect, with NBC suggesting that the incident is being investigated as a suicide bombing;

Now that Greater Manchester police have confirmed there were significant fatalities, it appears that even British media outlets are being forced to provide more open coverage.

Despite the efforts of the media to, as usual play the incident down and suggesting we “avoid jumping to conclusions”, there are multiple factors which suggest this was almost certainly a terror attack. Firstly, the explosion was timed perfectly to coincide with the point during the concert when the largest number of people were packed into the smallest possible area; when fans were departing the arena hall at the end of the concert. The likelihood that an explosion occurred coincidentally at exactly that time is low.¬†Moreover, unconfirmed eyewitness reports have suggested one of the bombs detonated at an exit gate,

an area at which there would be no dangerous items or substances stored, but which would be perfect as the site for an explosive device aimed at causing the maximum number of casualties.

Secondly, the reaction of the police, including warning people not to go anywhere near the vicinity of Manchester Arena, surrounding the area with armed police,

and deploying British Army bomb disposal teams to the site, suggests that an initial situation assessment has concluded that a bomb is the likely cause of the explosion/s.

Of course while it appears clear that this was a terror incident, no evidence of the identity of the perpetrators has yet come to light, but despite that fact everyone has the exact same suspicion, whether they’ll admit it or not.

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