Far Left London Council Withholding Licence From Property Developers Unless They Make Pub “LGBT friendly”

The far left Tower Hamlets council is blackmailing the developers of a needed local regeneration scheme, promising that unless they make a pub at the heart of the development “LGBT friendly”, they will have their planning permission refused.

Tower Hamlets council said that the former gay bar must “remain a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender-focused venue for a minimum of 12 years’.” and that London’s “culture at risk officer” Ed Bayes will, in a Soviet Commissar esque role, ensure that the person running the pub is “sufficiently LGBT”.

Apparently the council’s rationale is that gay bars have been closing down at a massive rate over the last ten years (which is apparently a bad thing), and that something must be done to prevent this. It’s unclear whether gays will be rounded up and herded into the bar at regular intervals to maintain the “culture”.

The cucked developers Regal Homes, have of course entirely rolled over for the far left lunatics at Tower Hamlets council, promising that;

‘We are committed to keeping this space within our development in Tower Hamlets as a LGBT+ venue and have offered a right of first refusal on the lease to LGBT+ interested parties, including the Friends of the Joiners Arms and the New Joiners Arms.

‘If the lease is taken up by an interested party then the venue will be secured for at least 12 years for LGBT+ use. We have also agreed a rent-free period for the first year.

‘We have met on numerous occasions with the Friends of the Joiners Arms, the New Joiners Arms and with the mayor’s night tsar, Amy Lamé, to discuss the future of an LGBT+ venue at our development and fully endorse the LGBT+ venues charter.’

It’s unclear exactly what would happen to a developer that actually stood up to the ludicrous privileging of gay “culture” over others. Also interesting is the fact that London councils seem not to care a single bit about “preserving” any other cultures; while they privilege and seek to preserve a gay culture that is only a few decades old, they seem to embrace native Londoners being ethnically cleansed from areas they’ve inhabited for centuries, and London didn’t lift a finger to protect the Cockney culture that used to characterise London being totally erased as the people who kept it alive fled London to avoid its third-worldisation.

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