The Institute For Strategic Dialogue – Globalist Shills Working to Censor the Internet

In recent days Youtube has publicly stated its intent to effectively begin censoring videos that don’t break its own rules, purely because they disagree with their political content. Terrified of the loss of narrative control that events like Brexit and the Trump presidency represent to the globalist establishment, an incestuous alliance of Western governments, Progressive Tech corporations and Globalist funded NGO’s are now working together to silence right.

What’s been missed in the ensuing fallout of Youtube’s censorship efforts is some of the organisations they seem to be working with to achieve their aims. While these include the usual suspects like the ADL, they also include some lesser known organisations, such as the *insert generic globalist name here* Institute For Strategic Dialogue. The ISD

Based in London, the ISD is funded by British, American and EU sources. It was founded by Baron George Weidenfeld, a “British” peer and, according to wikipedia, a “lifelong Zionist” (quelle surprise), and who left Britain for a year in 1949 to work as the Chief of Cabinet to Chaim Weizmann, the first president of Israel. (you don’t get much more kosher than that!) However in one stereotype defying move, he also founded the Safe Haven Fund to help Christians fleeing ISIS in the Middle East. Being such a loyal Brit he was of course buried in Jerusalem after his death in 2016.

The ISD’s current CEO is Sasha Havlicek, a woman whose resume reads like that of the typical mid level internationalist shill, including a stint at the Euro globalist European Council on Foreign Relations, an organisation that states it aims as being

“help European nations and citizens come together to stand up for the values of the open society and transform the world order to reflect them.”

So essentially liberal internationalist open borders advocacy behind a veneer of establishment polish. The ECFR defines things like anyone failing to support mass immgration and being against invading Syria as signs of being “anti-Western” Russian stooges. 

In chairing the EU’s “EU’s Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) working group on the internet and social media” they seem to be at the centre of efforts to lock down the internet and prevent open dissent. The ISD’s modus operandi seems to be primarily using the cover of opposing violent Islamic extremism in order to grow and gain power, partnering with corporations such as Microsoft. This seemingly innocuous activity has allowed them to raise their profile and “respectability” in society in a way that garners easy widespread support.

However, they also operate a second focus, the globalist establishment’s real fears; the alt right and white nationalism. The ISD is pivoting to a focus on general “countering violent extremism”, which of course means going after the “far right”.

As New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said at the launch of the ISD’s “Stronger Cities Network”, “extremism doesn’t discriminate, it comes from all communities”. The ISD has put out papers such as “Old Threat, New Approach: Tackling the Far Right Across Europe” (of course with funding from the European Commission, I wonder how much time the EU has devoted to countering far left extremism?)

The ISD’s approach seems to be to attempt to equate white people defending their homelands from invasion and destruction with the violent Muslim extremists seeking to conquer Europe. In seeking an equivalence between European and American nationalists, and describing itself as having “pioneered policy and operational responses to the rising challenges of violent extremism and inter-communal conflict”, the ISD seems to be setting itself up to smooth the process of white displacement in their homelands, preventing open hostility between invaders and the invaded until it is too late to halt the takeover. Much like the Republican party, the ISD is working for the smooth peaceful destruction of white people, rather than the violent chaotic one. At least the far left has the decency to stab us in the front.

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