Mainstream Media Lauds Far Left Activists Targeting Harassment of Political Enemies

The mainstream media has been queuing up today to congratulate a far left activist targeting attendees of the Unite The Right rally for harassment and death threats. Metro – Twitter user is naming and shaming all the Charlottesville neo-Nazis , Liberation – Yes, you’re racist – fait la chasse aux nazis sur Twitter.

Logan James Smith, of Raleigh, North Carolina, runs the @yesyoureracist Twitter account, where he identifies the far left’s political enemies so that his fellow communist and anarchist activists can engage in criminal harassment of them. Since yesterday he has targeted multiple attendees of the Unite the Right rally that occurred in Charlottesville two days ago, resulting in some of them being fired from their jobs while other have received threats including being killed and having their families raped and murdered.

What’s even more shocking is that his targeted criminal harrassment operation appears to rely on the cooperation of both Twitter and Patreon. Both companies have made a public show in recent months of purging right-wing users from their platform, on the pretext that they are engaging in doxxing and harassment. Charles C Johnson of crowdfunding site Wesearchr was banned for Twiter for “harassment” because he attempted to raise funds to defeat the political aims of Black Lives Matter’s Deray McKesson, who claimed a tweet from Johnson constituted a “threat”. Right wing journalist Lauren Southern was banned from Patreon due to her coverage of a European group attempting to block NGOs smuggling migrants into Europe, on the basis that her activities “could” endanger life.

If Twitter and Patreon are going to claim to be unaware of this activity, then one can only assume that they will be removing him from their platforms. If they do not, the only possible conclusion to be drawnis that they are allowing, contrary to their own codes of conduct, a far left criminal conspiracy to operate from their platforms.

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