Antifa and the Media Double Standard

In the wake of Charlottesville, the media and politicians of all parties, with the exception of President Trump, have given overwhelmingly positive coverage to “Antifa”, attempting to characterise them as heroic defender of peace and “equality”, against evil Neo-Nazis. This entire narrative is premised on the hysteria following the death of a single individual during the Charlottesville rally.

Media coverage has been stunningly biased. Let’s be honest here, the media is left wing, and they hate the Alt Right for their beliefs, not their actions or conduct. If the Unite the Right rally had been totally peaceful on the one side, if the marchers had allowed themselves to be beaten and attacked by Antifa, the media still would have characterised them as the villains of the piece. In reality though, the media knows that ordinary people in the middle are not as ideologically opposed to the Alt Right as they are, so they need to make them into cartoon villains, their actions need to be as evil as the left wing media perceives their ideology to be. And so that’s what we got in Charlottesville, the media glossed over and entirely ignored far left violence, and attempted to blame the marchers for the as yet not fully understood actions of one man (when there is a Muslim terror attack are we not always told that we shouldn’t jump to conclusion about the suspect’s motives?) and even more ludicrously, the crash of a police helicopter.

Let’s be clear here, the media is utterly hypocritical in their actions, every time there is far left violence, such as that James Hodgkinson, or Micah Johnson, the media isolates it form the movements they support, we’re told that their actions are those of an individual madman, and then they are forgotten about. No corporations moved to shut down web hosting or payment systems for far left groups in the wake of Micha Johnson murdering five police officers in the explicit cause of anti white hatred, and yet that is what they have done in the wake of the death of one person at Charlottesville.

The media has also peddled false narratives as true; firstly that the Antifa have formed in response to the Alt Right, this is objectively and easily proven to be false, the Alt Right is a movement of less than a decade’s existence, whereas most Antifa groups in the United States can trace their inception much further back. This false narrative is of course designed to give the impression that Antifa are a defensive groups, rather than the reality which is that they are an offensive aggressor. Antifa use the logical doublethink where they identify the far right as an existential threat, which justifies pre-emptively attacking them when they present no actual imminent threat. This logic seems to echo the ludicrousness both of Goerge W Bush’s doctrine of “pre-emptive strike” and also the rationale behind the genocides that the Antifa claim to be opposed to. In Rwanda the Hutu identified the Tutsi as evil oppressors, and characterised their genocide of them as a defensive action to pre-empt Tutsi enslavement of the Hutus.

Another falsehood distributed by the press has been that the Antifa are an anti-extremist force, purely reacting to stop far right violence, and therefore justified in their action, rather than far left extremists, who are perfectly happy to use violence for their own agenda. We are also subjected to the ludicrous propaganda rhetoric that portraying yourself as “anti-fascist” rather than simply communist, somehow makes you heroic. If the Alt Right retitled themselves as “Anticoms”, would the media suddenly recast them as the heroes? Communists have used this ludicrous sophistry for decades, Communist East Germany even titled the Berlin Wall as an “Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart”, as if that somehow imbued it with a moral virtue hitherto not possessed.


We are told the Alt Right is evil because it advocates in favour of white interests, because it is violent, because its beliefs are a threat to the current liberal democratic order, because it is hateful of specific groups, and because ideologically similar groups have committed mass murder in the past. The media and establishment tell us this is why the Alt Right must be stopped, and that Antifa are heroes, aiding in that cause.

Here’s the problem though; almost every single thing that applies to the Alt Right applies to Antifa and their fellow travellers. Antifa are openly and self admittedly violent, Antifa openly advocate for violent Communist or Anarchist revolution, overthrowing the state and smashing capitalism, it is hateful towards conservatives, people of higher social classes and white men, scapegoating them as oppressors responsible for all of the world’s problems, and Groups ideologically aligned to Antifa (Communists) murdered countless millions of people in the name of the same values Antifa espouse (multiple times more than Fascism). That only leaves us with one problem that the establishment has with the Alt Right; they are pro-white. Every other thing the media claims makes the Alt Right evil are things that they support or excuse from the far left. I repeat, the only real problem that the establishment has is that they are pro white, even if it was impossible to attack them for anything else, the Alt Right would still be attacked for that, so maybe it’s time to start asking just why that is?

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