Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hypocritical Virtue Signalling

Arnold Schwarzenegger, arch virtue signaller and liberals’ favourite pet Republican, has joined the chorus of those attacking the Charlottesville protest as part of the general attempt to undermine President Donald Trump. Scwharzenegger chose idiotic millennial liberal brainwashing site ATTN to disseminate his diatribe, stating that; “There are not two sides to bigotry. There are not two sides […]

News Corp Owned Sky Pushing Anti-White Propaganda Series Guerilla

rSky, the News Corp owned Cable Network is about to premiere Guerrilla, a piece of propaganda drama which presents anti-white British terrorists as Guerrilla heroes, waging a campaign of revolutionary violence against a Britain that has committed the awful crime of being a white country in the 1970s. Written by the John Ridley, the same […]