What is Hate Speech?

We often hear definitions of hate speech bandied about by the media and governments and academia, they say it is speech that is hateful towards people on the basis of their personal characteristics, hate speech is treated as if it is something that is entirely objective in nature, something that is self evidently evil and […]

Antifa and the Media Double Standard

In the wake of Charlottesville, the media and politicians of all parties, with the exception of President Trump, have given overwhelmingly positive coverage to “Antifa”, attempting to characterise them as heroic defender of peace and “equality”, against evil Neo-Nazis. This entire narrative is premised on the hysteria following the death of a single individual during […]

Insane Leftist Covers for Sweden’s Multicultural Decline

In a recent piece defending his “adopted homeland” of Sweden in the face of recent international focus on its ongoing collapse, British university professor Neil Shipley used these lines; “to undermine the social experiment that Sweden stands for and attack the politics of liberalism and tolerance.” His statement calls into stark relief the insanity of current […]

The Deep State and the Myth of American Democracy

  General Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser, has resigned, forced out by leaks and media hysteria. Whether it was wise of the Trump administration to yield to pressure is a matter for a different day, what is more interesting is analysing the underlying power dynamics behind his removal, and what they tell us […]

Modern Art and the Ugly Soul of Leftism

Modern Art, whether in the form of gallery installations, public sculpture, or modern architecture, is utterly pervasive in Western society. You might think “so what?, It’s just the current fashion, people must like it”, “what does it even matter anyway?”. Well, the following article attempts to explain why it matters, and why it is a […]

Just Call them Communists

One of the most powerful tools the left has in its war against the Alt Right is the constant screeching of “NAZI!!!” or “FASCIST!!!” every time they clash with us. Obviously the Alt Right has already determined that saying “I’m not a Nazi!” in response to such attacks does not work, in fact only empowering […]

The Left Supports Political Violence

For years the mainstream left has played a clever little game with political violence. While they hold off from ever directly supporting the use of violence for achieving their political aims, they will act as apologists for it. When there were riots in Ferguson or Chicago, assaults at Trump rallies, or any other violence, left […]