The Cult Of #Pride

For the past few weeks now I’ve noticed that every Saturday a city somewhere in Britain hosts a Gay Pride march, these marches are nothing new of course, but at some point recently I noticed that they weren’t just rather distasteful and vulgar pageants to be played out in London and Manchester, they were spreading […]

Counter Currents – Against Right-Wing Sectarianism

It is important for White Nationalists to visualize what victory would look like. There are really two answers to this question. The ultimate answer is our vision of Whitopia, the society we want to create. But before we build Whitopia, we need to achieve a victory over the present political system.¬†This victory will give us […]

Morgoth’s Review – A Storm of Sceptics

In this day and age it takes courage, fortitude and a great deal of individual Will and self belief for a young white woman to put her face on a video set to be viewed by 10,000’s of people and say, straight out: ¬†”I can’t stand the lies anymore, race is real and I want […]