What is Hate Speech?

We often hear definitions of hate speech bandied about by the media and governments and academia, they say it is speech that is hateful towards people on the basis of their personal characteristics, hate speech is treated as if it is something that is entirely objective in nature, something that is self evidently evil and […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hypocritical Virtue Signalling

Arnold Schwarzenegger, arch virtue signaller and liberals’ favourite pet Republican, has joined the chorus of those attacking the Charlottesville protest as part of the general attempt to undermine President Donald Trump. Scwharzenegger chose idiotic millennial liberal brainwashing site ATTN to disseminate his diatribe, stating that; “There are not two sides to bigotry. There are not two sides […]

Antifa and the Media Double Standard

In the wake of Charlottesville, the media and politicians of all parties, with the exception of President Trump, have given overwhelmingly positive coverage to “Antifa”, attempting to characterise them as heroic defender of peace and “equality”, against evil Neo-Nazis. This entire narrative is premised on the hysteria following the death of a single individual during […]